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The brief for this garden design in cheshire was to create a contemporary, open, zoned garden, that allows the clients to use the space for entertaining and relaxing..

A simple pallette of materials, combined with clean straight lines creates a sense of space and simplicity.

A huge limestone gabion wall with steel water features set into it leads you to the main garden area. Self binding gravel paths direct the user to the Boules and seating areas.

The upper level patio creates a great vista to the landscape beyond. Self binding gravel surfaces either side create spaces for loungers and a garden office.

A steel picture frame cut into the hedge captures the stunning view of the landscape beyond.

A simple planting palette of grasses, trees and hedges define the different areas.




Garden Design Manchester - Cheshire - Lancashire

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Brendan Vaughan Garden Design - Landscape Design Manchester - Cheshire - Lancashire

Designed by Brendan Vaughan and Leon Davis

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